Lace and Trim Day @ SSP (Shum Shui Po)

This is yet the best Lace and Trim Shop in SSP! They stock loads of unique and gorgeous lace mainly from Japan, some are even Vintage, if you are a big lace-collector, you HAVE to come here! Their prices are a bit higher than other places in SSP, but it's all worth it.

* Tips: They have some Vintage laces not on display, make sure you ask the ladies for the stock files!

These are some spots that you have to hit in SSP apart from (sometime painful) fabric-swatching. The Pawnshop...The bra pads + mannequin (check out the face!)... the $5/ cup buttons??!


  1. I LOVE that mannequin!!! You think they will sell? i want to buy it for my boyfriend's birthday.

  2. I am sure he will loves it........btw I think I am going to get a $5 cup buttons for my girlfriend too.........