Martin W Photographer

I believe that in order to do a good job in your work, one has to be really passionate about it.
it takes time and its hard work, but when you see the result in the end, it will be all worth it.
Martin W who is a freelance photographer, and a friend, helped me with my product shooting over the past weekend. It took us more than 12 hours to complete all the shots, but when we see the photos, we feel like time was well spent. He created the exact mood that I want my photos to have, with the help of different lighting effects, and his superb photographer skills.

If you love his work as much as I do, he can be reached @ wongchunhomartin@gmail.com (price upon request)


Nature Stylist

Dressing up to a party (Fun? Pain?)
Playing mix and match with "it" and vintage pieces (Easy? Stressful?)
Should there be a limited kinds of color appear on ones outfit?
Is green+red necessary = Christmas-y? ......
list goes on..

I think a lot of you might have the same questions in your head.

I've always been so amazed by the natural color palette on wild animals and insects. So vibrant. So saturated. So gorgeous.
Simply take that as an inspiration or should i say, a guideline, and I guaranteed that you will match yourself some gorgeous outfits.


Lace and Trim Day @ SSP (Shum Shui Po)

This is yet the best Lace and Trim Shop in SSP! They stock loads of unique and gorgeous lace mainly from Japan, some are even Vintage, if you are a big lace-collector, you HAVE to come here! Their prices are a bit higher than other places in SSP, but it's all worth it.

* Tips: They have some Vintage laces not on display, make sure you ask the ladies for the stock files!

These are some spots that you have to hit in SSP apart from (sometime painful) fabric-swatching. The Pawnshop...The bra pads + mannequin (check out the face!)... the $5/ cup buttons??!


Friends and Fam Offer Ends In 2 Days

Just a friendly reminder! The Friends & Family Offer will be ended in 2 days.
If you are going to place an order, please email us at info@sthno.com.hk ASAP!

Check out our collection HERE!

Something Renewal Blog


"Yay! we are now up and talking…
We are so excited to be starting this blog to share with you all our passions in vintage and fashion!
We take vintage finds from around the globe (and in my grandma’s closet) to renew them to one of a kind contemporary-vintage pieces.
I like the idea of bringing something that has been left aside for aggggesss back to life. Give your clothes a 2nd chance…"



Corset T Every Season

I Love Brogues!!!!!

Above brogues are available in Browns Focus

I’m absolutely obsessed with them...Since I bought my first brogues from COMME des GARCONS......Its very classy while not being too formal.
Just wear them with roll up ripped jeans and a plain tee for a sloppy look.....For me I love to wear them with suit trousers. For ladies this season I suggest to pair them with a boyfriend blazer (roll up your sleeve!) + skinny jeans.

I plan to purchase this white Church's brogues from net-a-port.com and then maybe a blk/white to keep this one company and then a red one..........brown............bla..............



TITI KWAN (aka Ah Dee) has been living in Paris for 25 yrs. Most people known him as Faye Wong's stylist or previously as D-MOP consultant.
For me, he is THE teacher who taught me so much and brought me into fashion world.
Ah Dee has his own vision in fashion, often look at things from a different angle, and think outside the box.
Its almost hard to understand him sometimes, but when you do, he clears the clouds out of your mind.

Collection above are the best seller in Maria Luisa in Paris.


hat piece couture

We make hat pieces like the one shown above. So if you need a custom made couture hat for your wedding or a special party,
please contact us and we will design you a one of kind hat piece based on your needs to match with your dress

Sunday afternoon in Central

Diamond vintage clock like these never go out of style. I bought these from Upper Lascar Row in Central.
Tons of 2nd hand gadgets might fit well in your house.....if you know what you are looking for.
Don't forget to bargain Bargain~BARGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!