What is SthNO

SthNO is a Hong Kong based fashion label. Founded in 2007 by the design duo Zenki Chen and Boysh Lam.

The spirit behind the name Something New Something Old is “when new meets old” -- To get inspirations
from something OLD such as a vintage dress, an old movie or a paintings, combined with NEW ideas.
The pair explore and re-interpret ever-diminishing traditional clothes in the modern world, using different fabrics combination.
Their clothes are stunningly stylish yet versatile, feminine yet tailored. They use fabrics such as silk, cotton, and wool is meant to
fit effortlessly into a modern woman’s life whilst enticing her to reveal the innately playful side.
The fusing of shapes, details and a vibrant color palette lent the collection a genuine contemporary feel, in a context of current fashions’ obsessions with retrospective revivals.

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